Below are some of the albums that influenced us and helped create our sound

The Pink Opaque (1986) Victorialand (1986) The Moon & The Melodies(1986) Blue Bell Knoll (1988) - All by Cocteau Twins

Tubeway Army (Replicas, 1979)

The Pleasure Principle (Gary Numan 1979)

Telekon (Gary Numan 1980)

Dance (Gary Numan 1981)

Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Japan, 1980)

Tin Drum (Japan, 1981)

Quiet Life (Japan, 1979)

Vienna (1980) Ultravox

Rage in Eden (1981)

Metamatic (John Foxx, 1980)

The Garden (John Foxx, 1981)

The Velvet Underground (The Velvet Underground, 1967)

The Doors (The Doors, 1968)


Andy Warhol

John Everett Millais

Arthur Hughes