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The debut album "This Hotel Has Ghosts"

"This Hotel Has Ghosts" - ALBUM 

From grime to grandeur, high class to lo-fi, this 10 track homage to the (in)famous Hotel Chelsea New York speaks of a doomed love affair. As if Holden Caulfield walked those gorgeous blocks to find love amongst the Hotel rooms, a Hotel brimful of ghosts, to be joined by those of his own. Track listing: beautiful, mechanical -jenni & the suicide girls - see how they play -to know those greats - show your heart - the night -pocketbooks & butterflies - this hotel has ghosts - damaged goods - the goodbye moment.


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Physical copies : CD

In stock: Debut Single "Freezing"

Debut CD single featuring "Freezing" "Sinister Sister" & "Always The Same"

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Freezing - debut single

UK: available via iTunes and Amazon