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The debut album "This Hotel Has Ghosts" - 2018 The Black Edition

"This Hotel Has Ghosts" - ALBUM 

From grime to grandeur, high class to lo-fi, this 10 track homage to the (in)famous Hotel Chelsea New York speaks of a doomed love affair. As if Holden Caulfield walked those gorgeous blocks to find love amongst the Hotel rooms, a Hotel brimful of ghosts, to be joined by those of his own.


Track listing: always the same -jenni & the suicide girls - see how they play -this hotel has ghosts -to know those greats - pocketbooks of butterflies -freezing -show your heart - the goodbye moment - damaged goods


*re-recorded and re-imagined by graham, grace and van naarden, the new edition better reflects the band's live sound and the songs has they have developed in the intervening years. it sounds so new it's pretty much a different album to it's earlier self.


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Physical copies : CD

In stock: Debut Single "Freezing"

Debut CD single featuring "Freezing" "Sinister Sister" & "Always The Same"

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Freezing - debut single

UK: available via iTunes and Amazon