The new album - work in progresss

"This Dark Is Your Soul"

"This Dark Is Your Soul" is the title of the second beautiful mechanica album, scheduled for release later this year.


Work began on the album shortly after the release of our debut "This Hotel Has Ghosts'. Graham began writing and demoing several new songs quickly into the process. As the project progressed, some tracks were retired to the "song bank" whilst others developed further to become tracks that featured in our live shows during 2016. The first of those tracks was "I Slipped On A Rose" which

made it's live debut in our set at Stanton Calling Festival's Octopia Tent. It featured again in the Leamington Show, to be joined by "The Diminished", "I Can't Be You" and title track "This Dark Is Your Soul" - all played for the first time at our headline show at The Good Ship in October 2016. Since then all 4 tracks have been ever present in the live set and will feature in our forthcoming live shows. A 5th track, the anthemic 'We Are One" is set to make it's live debut during Summer 2017.


The track listing for the new album is: (those with hot links can be heard - in their initial demo form - via Soundcloud)


1.As My Promise Fades

2.I Slipped On A Rose

3.The Swedish House

4.Shattered Love

5. The Diminished

6. This Love Can Kill

7. Angels & Demons

8. This Dark Is Your Soul

9. I Can't Be You

10. We Are One


Whilst most of the above were written especially for the album a few date back to as early as 2011 when Graham was writing for the "Tyler Troy" project - essentially a studio based solo project. Indeed "This Love Can Kill" was one of the very first Tyler Troy tracks and until recently was known by it's former title "These Cars Can Kill". Having received numerous radio plays on In The Moog and championed by it's host, Chris Watts, when newer tracks failed to make the cut, Graham was convinced to re-record the track, rewriting it's lyrics to fit with the new album's narrative.


That narrative - a dark love - has unexpectedly made the new album almost as much a concept album as the first album had with it's homage to New York's Hotel Chelsea. The album tells of a dark and dangerous love that begins as being very much one sided but through the journey of the album's ten songs suggests by it's finale that one becomes a twisted yet unified two.


The album's sound is a progression from it's sibling, benefitting very much from many of the songs having been played live and indeed for our being together all through it's making. The debut album in contrast saw Grace and Rebecca depart, arrive and depart again, so that no one track featured all four. Now we are three and each track features us all. That settlement has made for a more expansive, developed sound. Whilst our influences are evident, the new album sounds like a band that confidently knows itself.


(Above): Van Naarden (top)/ Graham (middle) and Grace (Bottom) during the sessions for the new album

Lyrically, the album's words are once again dark and romantic, as exemplified by the title track:

This Dark Is Your Soul


The history of you offends

The mystery of you I tend to

Overcome my natural guard

And flouder at your charms becoming


The business of being you

The mystery of passing through to

Places in my soul I guard

I flounder at your charms becoming


This Dark Is Your Soul 

This Dark Is Your Soul

The concrete life you bind me to

I’m now a man without a history



The secret inside that’s you

A darkness I’m working through to

exorcise my inner truth

I flounder to myself becoming


An image that’s partial truth

A truth that is partial too

Behind a mask I dare to wear


The worms of life will eat me hollow


words : graham sampson


This Dark Is Your Soul's tracks sound more akin to the band live - the upbeat tracks more vivid and urgent than it's predecessors. As is the beautiful mechanica way, it's more atmospheric and moodier tracks as haunting and elegant as we are known for producing. "This is becoming everything I could hope it would be. Perhaps it's rather narcissistic to so say, but I'm really quite in love with it - wholly appropriate for what has evoleved to become a (dark) collection of love songs"