originally released in january 2016, the album was reimagined, re-recorded and mastered during winter 2017 to feature the band as it has been since the start of 2016. the new version better captures the band's live sound and the songs have grown and developed further to their earlier versions. the new edition replaces the night with the debut single, freezing which has been ever present at every live show.

Track listing:

1. always the same

Performed by: sampson/bailey-hinks/van naarden

written december 2012

sampson; "the idea for the song came to me as I boarded a surface tube train on the worst kind of grey december day. original demos had the song sounding very grey, solitary and desolate. it was the first of the songs that dispensed with having a sung chorus, using a melody instead. in the final stages of making the album, the melody was played as fifths which only further served to heighten the emotion. 


2. jenni & the suicide girls

Performed by: sampson/bailey-hinks/van naarden

written august 2013

sampson; "a fan of my work with The Smyths sent an admiring email. she happened to be a suicide girl - a cult i was then unaware of. my imagination ran wild and the song was the outcome. i've always been something of a non participating admirer of the edgier sides of life - like andy warhol - fascinated and encouraging the darker sides of life and personalities, observing at close hand rather than participating'"


3. see how they play 

Performed by: sampson/bailey-hinks/van naarden

written august 2012

sampson "the earliest of all of the tracks on the LP, this was an ode to the velvet underground's 'sunday morning" with a lyric that celebrates medusa like mermaids teasing and tempting. grace sings on this as we wanted to echo the first Velvet Underground album where upon dark songs were counter balanced but beautiful sweet songs with a female vocal".


4. this hotel has ghosts

Performed by: sampson/hinks/van naarden

written september 2012


sampson "the idea for what the album would be came when this song arrived. i guess gary numan's "down in the park" was a sonic inspiration although the demos i first produced were more akin to a neil young track! the chelsea has ghosts and when you are there, you can feel something - the echoes of lives lived, art made, songs written. one's seventh sense comes to the fore when alone in it's rooms. the song is the album story condensed, came with hope, fell in love, love died, left heartbroken"


5. to know those greats

Performed by: sampson/hinks/van naarden

written june 2014

sampson "the last song to be written for the album, it's an ode to the hotel chelsea

and andy warhol who are synonymous with eachother in my mind. you could call it a love song to architecture and art"



6. pocketbooks & butterflies

Performed by: sampson/hinks/van naarden


written december 2012:

sampson "the song almost wrote itself and ended up being this alice in wonderland moment of dreamlike images. if it speaks of anything, it's the soundtrack to our narrator's innocence that's being lost with his life at the hotel. the second track to feature Grace as main vocal. for me it adds to the alice in wonderland effect"


7. freezing

Performed by: sampson/bailey-hinks/van naarden

written april 2012

sampson "one of two songs written over one weekend. Not only our debut single but also the only track to feature in every live show. I was unhappy with the version of the night that featured on the album's first edition release and felt pretty much the moment it was released that freezing should have taken it's place on the album, both for the flow of the listening experience and because freezing is a far superior song. this version improves on the version that was our debut single".


8. show your heart

Performed by: sampson/bailey-hinks/van naarden

written october 2013


sampson "truth be told, this is a political song but equally suits the album narrative of a cold lover and an appeal to that person  by the album's narrator who in my mind i came to see as some kind of holden caulfield character, finding his way and first love in a forboding city and it's most infamous hotel"


9 .the goodbye moment

Performed by: sampson/bailey-hinks/van naarden

written may 2013


sampson "written on the day I wrote another track  the song is about the sadness of knowing that time spent with someone has to come to an end - either for that day/night or forever. it's about saying goodbye and the life/death element is played out by the song's end. In re-recording the track for the new version we added Grace's spoken word vocal to reinforce the story of the album's narrative".



10. damaged goods

Performed by: sampson/porcelain/van naarden

written december 2014

sampson "falling in love with someone where the ending is near and obvious is food for masochistic souls, yet the heart will decide where love's found - and if indeed it's love. it could just be a bewitching of one person by another. This is a remix of the track that featured on the album's initial release. We kept this version as Porcelain's vocal is so good, as is her piano work and even though she's been away for more than two years we wanted to mark her contribution to the band. The last words she sings are "you'll forget me". We won't"




All songs written and produced by graham sampson

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